Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's cold in my house! Granted, not that cold. I live in So Cal, not Minnesota. But it's still cold and Jon and I don't believe in cranking the heater.

Work is a different story. Today the heater and the air conditioner (AC--in January?!?) alternated throughout the day. On with the jacket, off with the jacket. And this in a bad economy. My district is going to end up pink-slipping employees because of the stupid thermostat situation in my room. Mind you, they don't trust me with the thermostat. Nope, it's under lock and key.

All of which to say that it is cold in my house. Last week, it actually snowed! It didn't stick but I woke up to snow. Two of the neighboring districts cancelled school (woohoo--oh, wait; my district didn't cancel school) and on Sunday, on the way home from church, Jon and I took the scenic route and watched all the families building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and sledding. I can't believe the snow lasted that long!

It's supposed to rain again this week. When it wasn't snowing last week, it was raining. I so very much prefer the snow. After all, if it has to be cold in my house, at least the view through my windows could be pretty....

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  1. Yeah, it's 42 this morning in Orange County. Time for the thermal underwear before I go out for a walk!

    I'm surprised that your workplace doesn't just keep the thermostat at an even 70 degrees year round. Sometimes you have to wonder why management would risk people getting sick by having it cold then hot then cold, etc.

    The view of the mountains with snow on them was so beautfiul without any smog getting in the way - the hillsides and reservoirs are really benefitting from these rains the last 2 weeks.