Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's cold in my house! Granted, not that cold. I live in So Cal, not Minnesota. But it's still cold and Jon and I don't believe in cranking the heater.

Work is a different story. Today the heater and the air conditioner (AC--in January?!?) alternated throughout the day. On with the jacket, off with the jacket. And this in a bad economy. My district is going to end up pink-slipping employees because of the stupid thermostat situation in my room. Mind you, they don't trust me with the thermostat. Nope, it's under lock and key.

All of which to say that it is cold in my house. Last week, it actually snowed! It didn't stick but I woke up to snow. Two of the neighboring districts cancelled school (woohoo--oh, wait; my district didn't cancel school) and on Sunday, on the way home from church, Jon and I took the scenic route and watched all the families building snowmen, throwing snowballs, and sledding. I can't believe the snow lasted that long!

It's supposed to rain again this week. When it wasn't snowing last week, it was raining. I so very much prefer the snow. After all, if it has to be cold in my house, at least the view through my windows could be pretty....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girls and boys

I read a lot of blogs on various topics but Christopher's blog, The Warrior Poets, is my favorite. It's just really good writing.

Today, his post was called "The Break-Up." Great post. Almost perfect. It should probably be required reading for any pre-teen/teen girl who is contemplating her first date. Because the first date could lead to the first relationship which could lead to the first love which could lead to the first break-up which could lead to the first moment in life when you wish you could take back everything you said.

Here's the one thing I would change from "The Break-Up": Christopher says it's ok to show hurt and even cry when you're being dumped. I say, if it's at all possible, swallow your tears, put on a smile, and just let it go.

Because here's what I've found. If it wasn't meant to be, all the tears in the world won't mend it. If it was meant to be, he'll call back. And you'll marry him. And that's that. Either way, you kept your dignity and you'll have no regrets.

Basically, it's the difference between a boy's perspective and a girl's: boys expect and accept tears from girls. As a girl I say, why give them what they want? Much better to keep them guessing....

I've been talking high school and college girls through relationships since I was in college. One of these days, I'm going to write a book called The Good Girl's Guide to Guys. It will include a chapter on break-ups. And in that chapter, I will quote Christopher: "And if he initiates contact with you (post break-up), be friendly but aloof." These words should be engraved on sterling silver bracelets and handed out to every girl who has to suffer through a break-up. You think I exaggerate? Then no one has ever broken your heart.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thoughts in a pew

I was late to church yesterday because I was being held captive in my house by the two pit bulls outside. When they finally wandered down the street, I sped off to church and arrived late. I didn't go to our usual church. Jon was out of town, helping the Punt, Pass, and Kick kids at the Chargers-Jets playoff game, and I had some errands to run out-of-town, so I went to church in that town.

Here are some thoughts:
  • The guy leading worship was Jon's dorm RA during his freshman year at Biola. Bill taught Jon to play the guitar and playing guitar is one of the joys of Jon's life. Watching Bill lead worship (with his acoustic guitar) made me feel so very grateful. The little things we do in life, like showing someone a few chords on a guitar, can have lasting impact.

  • Why do so many pastors seem to feel that they need to embellish the Bible? Look, either you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God or you don't. If it is, it doesn't need embellishing. It can stand alone. If it isn't, then you're probably not going to be a pastor. This seems simple to me. All I have to say is, poor Philemon underwent a character assassination yesterday. And I didn't see any support for it in the actual book of, well, Philemon.

  • I love taking communion. When I was a Baptist, we took communion monthly. This was supposed to make the sacrament more meaningful. In our current church, we take it weekly. To me this is more meaningful. Taking the elements reminds me to be actively thankful for Christ's atoning work. It also gives me a weekly chance to get my spiritual house in order. I take the time to confess, to repent, and to ask God to help keep me in the very center of His will as I begin the week. Communion is a good thing.

  • People who sit in the center of the pew, rather than on the end, leaving the end available for those of us who were being held hostage by pit bulls and were consequently late to church, are saints. I should make it a point to do this for others when I am at church.

Here's Jon on his Gretsch. He also has a Taylor acoustic. I love to hear him play. I love it even more when he sings while he plays. He has a really nice, mellow voice. Thanks for all this, Bill. I'm so glad that you took the time to teach him.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catastrophic earthquake

When I see the devestation that took place in Haiti, I feel enormously guilty that the tiny little earthquakes I experienced earlier this week even gave me pause. The Bible says that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike and I understand that. I've had some rain in my life and looked around to see the wicked flourishing like a green bay tree (more biblical allusions) and I didn't like it but I accepted it. This just seems so much worse. No use to tell myself, yes, but it could've been Haiti that had the tiny little earthquakes and my town that was felled by a catastrophic earthquake. The fact of the matter is, it wasn't. Haiti, and all its impoverished inhabitants (as well as, its rich inhabitants, I guess) took the hit. While I, in all my boring middle-class comfort, jumped because a jolt rocked my house. And whenever I think about that, I just feel unbelievably guilty. And sad.

Monday, January 11, 2010


So not my idea of fun. Especially when they're centered in my actual city. And this is not much of a city; more like a town. A small town. Too small to have three earthquakes in three hours centered in it. Even if the earthquakes were small. Mr. Beasley and I did not find that last one to be small.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Predictions for my 2010

Christmas vacation went way too fast. But, then, it always does. And, as my friends who work outside of education remind me, I'm lucky to get two weeks of Christmas vacation. They, on the other hand, are lucky to get one week of Christmas vacation. If that.

So, Christmas is behind me and 2010 is upon me and what the heck am I gonna do with it?

My college roommate and I have been writing weekly notes (that's right; actual notes in envelopes with stamps and the whole bit--just doing our part to support the US Postal Service) to each other for, sheesh, a year now? And her last note contained her predictions for 2010. Not resolutions, mind you; predictions. Here's her take on the whole issue of resolutions:

You know I'm a goal person so a fresh start of a new year is always inspiring to me. But, I think a "prediction" is better than a "resolution" cuz I'm not sure how resolute I am on these things.... Just some ideas I'd like to have a go at this year....

Well, ok, then. What would I like to have a go at this year?
  • Get an actual hairstyle. Because, currently, I don't have one.

  • Keep my weight under 118. I look my very best at 110 but, please. I'm trying for realism. I look quite nice at 115 and I look good enough at 118. At 120, I start to despair.

  • Start writing the book that keeps rattling around in my head.

  • Buy less clothing for myself. I am prone to retail therapy and I buy way too much clothing for myself. I need to focus my purchases on the house.

  • Read one real book a month. Not the light books that catch my eye. Nope, it's time to try something a little more meaty.

If those seem like self-centered, light-weight predictions, that's because they are. And I'm ok with that. I have other things in mind, too, like having a baby, being more consistent with my devotions, supporting and encouraging Jon more, etc. But those things are ALWAYS on my mind. They're not really predictions or resolutions. These are just five little things that, as Robin Ann put it, I'd like to have a go at this year.

This is Robin Ann, she of the "predictions, not resolutions" school of thought, and her adorable little girls. And me. Robin Ann and I were college roommates for all four of our years at Biola University. I've known her since 1990. I cannot even believe it's been that long.