Monday, January 18, 2010

Thoughts in a pew

I was late to church yesterday because I was being held captive in my house by the two pit bulls outside. When they finally wandered down the street, I sped off to church and arrived late. I didn't go to our usual church. Jon was out of town, helping the Punt, Pass, and Kick kids at the Chargers-Jets playoff game, and I had some errands to run out-of-town, so I went to church in that town.

Here are some thoughts:
  • The guy leading worship was Jon's dorm RA during his freshman year at Biola. Bill taught Jon to play the guitar and playing guitar is one of the joys of Jon's life. Watching Bill lead worship (with his acoustic guitar) made me feel so very grateful. The little things we do in life, like showing someone a few chords on a guitar, can have lasting impact.

  • Why do so many pastors seem to feel that they need to embellish the Bible? Look, either you believe the Bible is the inspired word of God or you don't. If it is, it doesn't need embellishing. It can stand alone. If it isn't, then you're probably not going to be a pastor. This seems simple to me. All I have to say is, poor Philemon underwent a character assassination yesterday. And I didn't see any support for it in the actual book of, well, Philemon.

  • I love taking communion. When I was a Baptist, we took communion monthly. This was supposed to make the sacrament more meaningful. In our current church, we take it weekly. To me this is more meaningful. Taking the elements reminds me to be actively thankful for Christ's atoning work. It also gives me a weekly chance to get my spiritual house in order. I take the time to confess, to repent, and to ask God to help keep me in the very center of His will as I begin the week. Communion is a good thing.

  • People who sit in the center of the pew, rather than on the end, leaving the end available for those of us who were being held hostage by pit bulls and were consequently late to church, are saints. I should make it a point to do this for others when I am at church.

Here's Jon on his Gretsch. He also has a Taylor acoustic. I love to hear him play. I love it even more when he sings while he plays. He has a really nice, mellow voice. Thanks for all this, Bill. I'm so glad that you took the time to teach him.


  1. I'm one of the guys always sitting at the end of the pew, but that's only because I'm armed and a little paranoid about the weirdo in the trench coat sitting in row three, staring intently at the pastor. Ya know... just in case pastor needs some back-up.

    I like your analysis of Philemon and all things Scriptual. Either it 'tis or it 'taint.

  2. Ha! I love the idea of having your friendly, neighborhood, peace officer seated at the end of the pew, keeping it safe in the sanctuary! And, Christopher? You're making me rethink my black trench coat. I love it, but I'll bet all the local law enforcement see me in it and immediately start questioning my intentions.