Friday, January 6, 2012

5 Years

Robin Ann gave me a 5 year diary for Christmas. Five years! She said she's into her second year and it's worth it because now she can look back and see where she was at this time last year and this is a fun thing to do.

Five years! I can't even faithfully keep up this blog! And now I'm supposed to write something down every, single day for five years?!?

Five years. I mean, really.

Being me, I decided to not only do this 5 year diary thing but also get a SECOND 5 year diary called Q & A a Day, in which I will answer the same question on the same date for five years.

Yes, when given a crazy project, I have to make it even crazier.

Now I kinda want to get one for all my girlfriends and make them join me in the craziness.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012

Ohhhhhh, 2011 was so not my favorite year. Beasley died. Jon 's job is driving him crazy. We didn't get the house. The car. Harlows moved to Chicago. Back on birth control; gave up on the baby-dream.
Nope, not the year I'd play on repeat.
But that's ok.
There was some good stuff, too. The trip to DisneyWorld. Lots of date nights. Our sixteenth wedding anniversary. Books, movies, and tv shows. Good food. Time with family. Time with friends. Our twentieth December together.
And that's that. 2011 is in the can.
I am so ready for 2012.
And my one little word for 2012 is "peace". I've given up on contentment and I know full well that happy comes and goes. I'm going for peace. For a calm spirit even when things get crazy. Even when I'm not content. Even when I'm not happy.
In 2012, I'm choosing peace.