Friday, February 19, 2010

Las Vegas!

My husband is finally done with comps, which is a good thing because I was pretty sure that his comps were going to be the death of one or both of us. Well, he's sort of done. He's contesting his grade on one of his comps and I couldn't be any more supportive of this. Heck, if he wanted to take it all the way to the dean I'd support him. I read the comp question and I read his response. It's a perfect response. Well-written, well-reasoned, and well-supported. It should've been a high pass. And, yeah, I'm qualified to judge. I went through the same program, I work in the field, and I've actually had situations very similar to that in the question. He's got a meeting with the profs who graded the comp and the comps coordinator. I'll be interested to hear the outcome of that meeting. The guy does very well in an oral argument. Almost as well as he does in a written argument.

Anyway, comps are behind him (us).

We were heading out to dinner to celebrate the end of comps and were trying to decide where to go, when Jon said, "We should just go to Vegas."

And I said, "Works for me."

And he said, "Seriously?"

And I said, "Yep."

So we went to Vegas.

First we had to go back home, make reservations, and pack. We got a great rate at the Hard Rock Hotel. After we got the room, we threw some stuff in a suitcase and jumped in the car. Jon got us to Vegas just before midnight.

Our room was, well, thumping. I mean literally pulsating with the music from the club. So we asked the front desk to switch us and they very kindly did. The next room was nice and quiet and had a great view of the pool and the Strip. We took a moment to take in the amenities, noting in passing that, in Vegas, the mini bar comes with water, mixed nuts, condoms, and a vibrator. Oh, and room service includes lingerie items.

The next day, we headed out to the Strip to find something fun. We saw Bodies: The Exhibition at the Luxor and it was very cool. Mildly nauseating but very, very cool. Jon, having just had comps, wandered around the bodies and named all sorts of different nerves and muscles and regions for me. Much better than having one of those audio tours.

After thoroughly examining Bodies, we looked around for the next fun thing to do. We decided to get tickets for Criss Angel with Cirque du Soleil's Believe show. I've always wanted to see a Cirque show and Jon is interested in magic. He's got a nice, big grad school bill that we'll have to pay off, so we went for the cheapest seats possible. Totally good decision, because, once seated in the second row from the top and off to the side, we got upgraded to sixth row, center stage! Ummmm, ok! The show was good but greatly enhanced by the fact that the seats were awesome!

When the show was over, we went back to the hotel for a late dinner. The next morning, we got up and headed home right away (so as to avoid the infamous "Leaving Las Vegas on Sunday" traffic).

It was a perfect little getaway and a great way to celebrate the end of comps. Love that we have the freedom to just run away to Vegas on a whim!

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  1. I think more than the trip itself is the ability to make that spontaneous decision that intriques me.

    Though it sounds like the trip was pretty darn good too. And congrats to him on his comps.