Saturday, February 27, 2010


On the next-to-the-last-day of February, I figured it was time to document our Valentine's Day.

Yup. We got each other the exact same movie. But I returned the one he gave me because we had agreed that he was only to give me chocolate, so the movie he gave me was the one that had to go.

We might know each other just a little too well.


  1. Hi Marie!
    Thanks for commenting on the Write.Click.Scrapbook blog about my embarrassing 80's style :)
    I love that you and your husband gave each other the same exact movie and better yet, that you documented it! WTG!

  2. My wife, a former scrap book enthusiast ("nut") and design team member, was looking over my shoulder as I was perusing your blog and said, "She's a good scrapper!"