Friday, June 22, 2012

Thing Number Thirty | 3:35PM

3:35PM and I’m standing at the Rite Aid (formerly Thrifty’s) ice cream counter, waiting for my scoop of chocolate brownie (kind of bummed that they were out of my favorite:  rocky road).

Today is the last day of school for teachers. The kids had their last day of school yesterday (Thursday) and today is a teacher workday. Most years, I’m frantically trying to finish stuff up (get one last signature, finalize one last IEP, call one last parent) but this year I was pretty much ahead of the game. I stopped therapy last Friday and used this week to close down two sites (Coombs and Hoffer) and tie up any last preschool or IEP loose ends. Kimberly (Hoffer SDC teacher) and I were so grumpy with Amanda (district OT) because she found an annual review we’d missed (how the heck did that happen?) so we had to hold that meeting on the last day of school for kids and then she found that her services had been entered incorrectly on an IEP (why the heck was she just figuring that out now?) so I had to dash the IEP amendment over to the parent (who is one of my favorite people and works at my favorite preschool) and get her to sign. I wasn’t case managing either of those, so it wasn’t really my stress and I got that last signature as a favor to Kimberly who is the case manager and was stressed.

On the last day of school for teachers I finished my mileage. I tossed out a lot of junk from the cupboards at Hoffer to clear room for Jon, who was bringing a bunch of his therapy materials over because he will be taking over Coombs and Hoffer next year. I double-checked that all my IEPs were affirmed and attested. I gratefully received two jars of canned apples, one jar of canned tomatoes, and one bottle of plum wine from Amanda (which definitely mitigated my grumpiness with her). I typed up my tests and materials request for the 12-13 school year. I had lunch (the Boys & Girls Club brought in Jose’s) with the teachers in the cafeteria. I went by Coombs and turned in my key, then stopped by home and picked up Jon and his stuff. We unloaded his boxes at Hoffer and I showed him the space I’d cleared for him. I made sure everything was put away and my computer was turned off, then I covered my desk and shelves with sheets. I turned out the lights and turned in my keys.

By 2:30PM we were at the DO so I could finish my check-out. I asked Bonnie for my 12-13 calendar, so I could fill it out, and my timesheet, neither of which she had. We had to wait for a while so she could get them. While we were waiting in the conference room,

Amanda and Jeanett came in and we talked about MAA billing (I’d already completed all my MAA and LEA billing-ha!). Finally, Bonnie brought in my paperwork and we got it all completed and I checked out. After a round of good-byes and have-a-good-summers, I looked at Jon and said, “Let’s go get ice cream at Rite Aid.” Dad used to take Ann and me to get ice cream from Thrifty’s after school, so it seemed like the perfect ending to the last day of school of the 11-12 school year. Jon grinned and said, “Sounds great.”

Which is why at 3:35PM I am standing at the Rite Aid ice cream counter, waiting for my scoop of chocolate brownie.

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