Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thing Number Eighteen | Shoes

I love shoes. I am a shoes girl. I have way too many shoes and have not ceased to buy more. These are the shoes that I love:

Ballet flats  |  These are the cornerstone of my shoe life. Professional enough for work and comfortable enough for the weekend. I love ballet flats and I wear them hard. First thing I do with a new pair is take them to the cobbler to get rubber soles put on.

Heels  |  These are the shoes for work and dress-up. I’m 5’2” and I need all the height I can get, especially if I’m trying to impress people. I wear my heels hard, too, and I take new pairs to the cobbler to get rubber half-soles put on before I hit the pavement in them.

Espadrilles  |  These are pretty much the only wedge sole that I like and I like them a lot. What is it about espadrilles? They are like a vacation in a shoe. Sure, I may be pushing a cart at the grocery store but my feet look like they could be on the French Riviera.

Boots  |  These are the shoe of choice in winter. Preferably paired with tights and a wool skirt and a cashmere sweater and a wool coat. And gloves. And a scarf. I hate being cold and I find that this outfit is the warmest thing I can wear. I like a knee high boot and find that the most functional color is cognac.

Heeled sandals  |  These are the shoes I reach for when I get to dress up. Not that I have lots of opportunities to get all fancy but when I do, I reach for heeled sandals, usually metallic or skin-tone, with a pretty pedicure.

Sneakers  |  These are my go-to shoes when I’m doing something sporty (like going to an Eagles game) but not actually participating in a sport. I hate the name “sneakers”. I prefer the British term “trainers” but it sounds pretentious when an American throws out a British term (I don’t do “jumper” for “sweater” either). I generally buy Pumas because they tend to have a lower cut on the vamp and make my legs look less stumpy. All athletic shoes make my legs look stumpy but Pumas are not as bad as most others.

Runners  |  These are for actual sports, not just for looking sporty. They are ugly and supportive and get the job done on the treadmill or the tennis court. That is really all there is to say about them.

Others  |  Flip-flops, flat sandals, loafers, moccasins, etc. I have them and I like them but I could live without them.

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