Friday, April 2, 2010


Me: Ok, girls, pretzels or goldfish?

[Pretzels or goldfish is the good-job-in-speech-therapy snack since the governor took candy out of the schools.]

C & L: Pretzels.

Me: Here you go; have a great day!

L: You, too.

C: Hey, you gave me five.

[Four pretzels or goldfish is the allotment of good-job-in-speech-therapy snacks.]

Me: Oh, ok. Here, L, have another pretzel; now you both have five.

C: April Fool's!

Me: Huh?

[Yes, not always quick on the up-take; that would be me.]

C: You only gave me four!

Me: Ok, here's another one for you, C, now you both really have five. And, you know what? That was pretty funny!

That was the only April Fool's Day prank pulled on me this April 1st. And I really did think it was pretty clever.

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