Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter? Hello, Winter?

So, I hear that Groundhog's Day came and went and apparently Punxsutawney (yep, I googled that; nobody knows how to spell Punxsutawney cold, not even the inhabitants of Punxsutawney) Phil saw his shadow and the whole Northern Hemisphere will be experiencing six more weeks of winter.

Um, that is so not a problem because my area of the No Hem has yet to experience six weeks of winter, six days of winter, maybe not even six hours of winter.

Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't complain. That when it's pouring rain later this month or sometime in March, I will regret regretting the lack of winter.

But my skin is so dry! The grass in my yard is so brown! The rain didn't come so the wind stayed, instead!

Darn La Nina years. Now we'll be hearing about the drought crisis for the rest of 2012. On the plus side, however, my husband, a confirmed summer-lover who could live his entire life outside in the sun, is a happier camper.

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