Monday, May 16, 2011

Bringin' Back Optimism

Sheesh, it's been a drag around here lately.

No more! I'm bringin' back optimism. I'm bringin' back chipper.

I mean, c'mon, it's May! You know, springtime! Birds chirping, flowers blooming, puffy white clouds in a bright blue sky, and me, twirling around in a springy full skirt!

Except that reality is it's really, really cold! And the sky is filled with rain clouds! And it's supposed to pour tomorrow! And Wednesday!

What is with this weather? This is not the global warming people keep warning me about.

None of this matters. Why? Because tomorrow I'm taking my mom to tea to celebrate Mother's Day. There have been a lot of postponements for various crazy reasons but tomorrow we are doing it! We are celebrating my mom being a wonderful mom!

Woohoo, Mom!

Unless there is hail. Or sleet. Or maybe even snow. I don't think there will be snow but it's really, really cold!

But, no! I'm bringin' back optimism! It will not hail, sleet, or snow! We will have tea! It's gonna be great, I tell you, great! I AM optimistic!

If it snows, we're postponing.

If it's just hail, well, then, we'll see....

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