Wednesday, January 26, 2011

As of lately....

We are:
  • looking at houses.

  • trying to decide if we can afford the houses we like.

  • pretty sure we can't yet afford the houses we like.

  • saving.

  • watching a lot of NetFlix.

  • loving having friends over for dinner and games.

  • still using the car as our "talking place".

  • consistent at Thursday night Bible study.

  • seeing the occasional in-theater movie.

  • eating out on Friday night, sometimes followed by an in-theater movie.

  • working and trying to pretend that we like it.

  • reminding ourselves that we should be grateful that we have jobs.

  • ambivalent on the baby-issue.

  • loving our church.

  • getting a kick out of our fourth-grade Sunday school crew.

  • trying to figure out what's next in our life.

  • loving each other. No matter what's going on; always, always loving each other.

1 comment:

  1. This one is fun, perhaps because we are doing many of the same things, especially the Netflix viewing. I wonder if it is the cold weather... it must be.

    At any rate, may you have a splendid weekend!