Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Activities, Part 2

I can hear the rain dripping outside my window and it finally feels like fall might have arrived. I'm already envisioning myself in tights and boots and a sweater--fall fashion at its most cliched and best! I don't mind being a cliche as long as I'm a comfy cliche.

A couple of weeks ago, the Fabros Family made the trek out from Culver City to the rustic environs of the IE. Jon and I met them at Chipotle for a quick lunch and then we caravaned up to Riley's in Oak Glen for pumpkin and apple picking. That was a perfect fall day; so much so that the West Side Fabroses were too cold! I'd suggested dressing in layers but Robin didn't take me very seriously. So they all ended up wearing Jon's and my clothes: Edwin in Jon's jacket, Robin in Jon's snow jacket, Ali in Emma's jacket, Emma in my jacket. Good thing Jon always has spare jackets in his trunk! Even then, I thought Emma was going to turn into an ice princess from the "cold". It wasn't that cold but you know how it is with these effete L.A types.

We picked the perfect pumpkins and then hiked up and into the orchard to gather apples. Apple-picking devices were forbidden but we found an apple-picking pole and, well, it just would've seemed silly to leave it lying there and just jump up and down under the trees to try to grab an apple. I mean, really, we're all well under 6' tall and this was pretty late in the season; we didn't have a chance of getting any apples without using the apple-picker.

Before we left Riley's, we bought some apple desserts and then headed down the hill to our house for dinner and, oddly enough, Rock Band! Emma wanted to play and it was a fun way to end a fall day.

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