Monday, May 31, 2010

Not-A-Mother Day

Hmmm. I posted on the first day of May and now I am posting on the last day of May. Not-so-good. I need to do better.

There was a lot going on in May! Jon started interviewing and receiving job offers. We went to the March Air Show party at Scott and Leslie's. The washing maching broke. Boy, did it break! You should've seen the shards of metal and the giant circle-shaped hole that just, well, blew out! Now I have a new washing machine (and dryer, because Jon likes to have a matched set). We went to the LLU Spring Banquet and got an award for, wait for it, "cutest couple." We're definitely cute but "cutest couple" seems more like a high school award than a graduate school award. We made soup. This may not seem like a big deal but we're not a cooking couple and the soup turned out great so it was notable. I took the train and subway to visit Robin Ann in Culver City (I am a huge fan of the train and subway). I helped Ann make flowers for a wedding (they were amazing).

But, for me, surviving another Mother's Day was a big part of May. When you're not a mom and you want to be a mom, Mother's Day can be difficult. So Jon and I have a deal. We honor our mothers on the day before Mother's Day. And then on Mother's Day, itself, we run away. We don't go to church (arrrgh, the passing out of the carnations for all the moms in the congregation!) and we try to do something outdoorsy. If we meet any moms and kids on a hiking trail, well, they're usually sweaty and grumpy so it's not so bad for me.

This year I finally got Jon to go to the Santa Rosa Plateau with me. He'd been resisting and I have no idea why. It's beautiful: vernal pools, adobe ruins, wildflowers, tons and tons of trails, etc. You would think he'd be all over that and, after we got there, he was. So we had a beautiful day hiking around and looking at flowers and caterpillars and the views.

It turned out to be a really great not-a-mother day.

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  1. On the one hand I feel compelled to say something, and on the other, recognize there's not much a guy could say.