Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So close to Christmas

I had to do some last-minute shopping today (including shopping for my guy, which involved going to multiple stores, e-mailing him photos--thank you, iPhone--of the items under consideration, and talking on the cell to narrow down the choices) and it wore me out. Nothing bad happened. I got an awesome parking space. Everyone was very kind. The lines weren't long. But, for whatever reason, I was spent. Dead-tired. Blehhhh.

I still have to go out and do all the food shopping but I came home to take a break. And, while taking this break, I found myself thinking about all the blessings at this time of year.

Here are just a few:

  • A cancer-free mom
  • Watching Christmas movies (Home Alone, Elf, etc)

  • Finding the perfect gift for that special person

  • Two weeks off from work

  • Sweaters and coats (fall and winter clothes are my favorites)

  • Frosting a gingerbread house (well, mostly watching Jon frost it)

  • Cuddling up on the couch under a cozy blanket

  • Enjoying the Christmas decorations

  • Giving: a parking space, a secret Santa treat, $20 to the older gentleman at the gas station who had left his wallet at home (been there, done that, and had to chase down my mommy in the grocery store parking lot to bum cash off her to pay for my groceries)

  • Looking forward to the delights of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

  • Knowing, really knowing, that over two centuries ago, a baby was born in a stable, a baby who was God incarnate, come to offer salvation to all who would receive it.

So much to be thankful for. Pretty silly to let a little shopping wear me out. So I'm off again. And hoping to add "Finding the green tortillas" to the list of blessings. Because, really, what's a Christmas fiesta without green tortillas for the tacos?

And, no, not a single person in my family has a drop of Mexican or Hispanic blood in them. But, yes, it's our Christmas fiesta tradition, complete with fried ice cream and a pinata!

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  1. We have this amazing Mexican restaurant by us, but they pride themselves on being authentic Mexican. Which means, of course, they don't serve fried icecream. Total bummer. I don't care if not's authentic. Me gusta mucho.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours :)